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Circus Lamps • Jumbo


Circus Lamps are made from premium, iridescent, lilac & fluorescent pink acrylic that produces a soft, luminous glow. When exposed to the sun, the iridescent acrylic reflects the sunlight resulting in magic. (Pictured below!)

These lamps are durable, but must be handled with care as they are heavy. This alluring design creates the perfect ambience and is a statement piece that'll really stand out in your home. 

Down to the nitty gritty:

 3mm Acrylic, Glue
~270mm x 240mm x 240mm 

The Circus Lamp comes with a battery pack and fairy lights. These lights are a warm white. The battery pack sits in an acrylic base and is can be slid in and out for easy access. Needs 3 x AA batteries. 

Batteries are not included due to shipping constraints. 

Breaking down the cost:
The price of the lamp is calculated by adding up material costs, including acrylic, glue, lightbulbs and the outlet plug, as well as the time it takes to cut and assemble each lamp. 

Each lamp is made by hand and takes time and love to create. I have made the prices as fair as I can to both myself and you as a customer! I truly believe that the pieces I make are very high quality and therefore worth the price for a unique statement piece.
(And I mean, most generic lamps at retail stores are even more costly and they're mass produced!!)

I hope you love these lamps and I can't wait to see them in your homes!