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I want you to design some new branding for me! Is this possible?

It depends on my schedule – please send me an email!

How do I take good care of my jewels?

  • Firstly, please don’t leave your earrings in a hot place. You risk the glue bond breaking, which means you’ll need to re-glue the backs. (Particularly in hotter states, keep in mind when storing your jewels)
  • You can wear your gems in hail or shine, but please don’t wear them in the shower.
  • If you wish to clean your earrings, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth and water.
  • You may also use an alcohol spray or suitable stain spray if you wish. Dab lightly and pat dry.
  • Be gentle! These are delicate pieces and are not invincible! If you break them, I unfortunately cannot replace them.

If something has arrived faulty, please see the returns page for more info.


Can I request a change to an existing pair of earrings?

Not really, sorry! All options, including if you’d like hooks or studs, are always included in the product description.

Do you do clip-on earrings?

If it’s available, it’ll be a selection in the drop-down.

Do you take wholesale orders?

I do take wholesale orders, however, I only stock with physical stores. No online-only stores, sorry!
Please email me if you’re interested in stocking my products!

What’s the process like? Can you tell me where you get your pieces laser-cut? Where do you get your supplies from?

Yep, I sure can! I aim to be very transparent in how I create what you wear. I design everything myself using Illustrator. Every shape is hand drawn by me! Once I’ve got my files ready, I cut them on my own laser cutter in my office! I piece everything together – gluing, assembling, painting and then package it all up to send to you. I also design all my own backing cards, thank you cards etc.

Where/how are your textile products made?

I design everything myself in Melbourne. My homewares are made all over the world at textile factories with experienced makers. I do my best to ensure sure all the places I choose to work with are as ethical, sustainable & transparent as possible. Of course, I am not physically able to see these companies, so I can never be 100%, but I always check for as much certification as possible & tend to choose places with a small number of staff with a reputable background in textile printing/design. All companies are BHA & BSCI certified. 

Swing tags, fabric tags & other packaging goods are sourced or made within Australia. 

For information regarding shipping & returns, click here!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!