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after the show • blue, lilac & irid

This collection showcases a few of my favourite things - things in life that make me feel content, happy or full of joy! 

The made for the stage earrings represent my love of acting and in particular, the theatre. I studied theatre & performance at uni, finished my training in Los Angeles, performed in many amateur shows and a couple of semi-professional ones.

These earrings embody the joy and comedown after you wind down from a show. When you step into the cold night, costume neatly tucked away, ready to go to a dimly lit bar with your fellow cast mates. Cue the chats about what went wrong, what went right, all the praise the show received, & how one old man fell asleep in the front row. You end the night with some dancing and head home to rest. You wake up with a croaky voice & stiff muscles; but you're ready to do it all again.
That's showbiz baby. 

colours & material: mix of sparkly & opaque acrylic
size: length: 4cm x width: 3cm (at widest point)
Hypo-allergenic hoops & hooks have been used, but may not be suitable for all ears.